New Parables

FieldWe need a fresh read on the parables of Jesus.  His stories captivated intrigue by loading everyday commonalities with spiritual magnanimity.  However, much of his wit is lost on us as we regurgitate awkward illustrations from an agrarian context.

For example, instead of talking about mustard seeds, why not relate the Kingdom of God to a penny stock?  Instead of throwing “pearls to pigs,” we could talk about wasting venti lattes on the folgers drinkers.  I still don’t have a clue what “wineskins” are, but I do know my computer’s need for a faster internet connection illustrates our ever present need for innovation.  Reaping, sowing, lilies, barns, plows, farmers –  we have the ability to recapture the imagination of spiritual inquirers by retell the parables of Jesus in non-agrarian terms.


3 responses to “New Parables

  1. If the Bible is the inerrant word of God, do we not believe that Jesus words are applicable even for us today?

    If His words are unable to reach the secular humanist world of today does that mean we should alter His words or that we should alter our mindset.

    Just a few questions that crossed my mind while reading your post.

    Have a great day!

  2. I certainly am not talking about negating the words of Jesus, just communicating them with increased clarity.

    Anyone seeking to understand his illustrations has to translate his context, gather the intended meaning, and then to drive it home make a new illustration out of our context. All I’m saying is let’s make sure we get to the third part.

  3. When I read the original post, I asked myself if Jesus came to my town today how would he teach these truths. My guess is he would use familiar everyday objects to convey his truth, as he did when he was speaking to farmers and fisherman when he walked the earth. The changes in the objects used for illustrations does not necessitate changing the truths of the lessons.

    I can use a falling orange to illustrate gravity just as easily as an apple without compromising truth.

    Truth is both powerful and ageless. In short, altering words does not bother me if the truth is unchanged. Certainly caution is advised, but I believe it can be done effectively.

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