Offensive Prayer

Offensive prayer adds passion to expectancy.  If the prayer really means something to you, passion or agony will be present.  A deep ache that cannot rest until it is satisfied. 

Fasting begins to take place not because we disciplined ourselves to do so, but rather that our want for the prayer was so singular that we forgot our want for food. 

The prayer offense is more than conversation, more than request; the prayer offensive makes demands.  So assured that what we pray for needs to happen; we have to audacity to makes demands of God.  Convinced that our prayers have not a trace of self, but rather that we have come by the authority of Jesus to present to plan of Jesus.  It is his bidding we represent, thus we ask with force well beyond on our place as men.  In a state of prayer we have left behind all that is self.  We stand before the Father as Jesus.  At that moment in time we reside in the spirit world, driven by the Holy Spirit, actualizing that which Jesus put in motion and plans to secure. 

3 responses to “Offensive Prayer

  1. im encouraged by this kind explanation of offensive prayer

  2. It’s been a challenge and inspiration to me to. Thanks.

  3. have so much more to understand about my relationship with God through Christ.

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