Uprooting along the way

  I ran into some interesting lessons as my family planted our first garden this weekend.  At first I approached the task by burrowing a little hole, depositing some soil/fertilizer, jamming a young plant in it’s new home, and then repeating again and again. 

After our first garden was well on its way to completion, I came to realize the impenetrable network of tiny roots in our soil.  I’d never seen anything like it before.  It’s like a spider was spinning underground webs for the past 5 decades.  Sod would have been easier to remove!  The roots went nowhere, but they covered everything.  The fragile roots of my tiny little plants did not stand a chance at growing and multiplying until I dug out the old. 

Hard work payed of as my little plants are now well on their way.  It took longer to dig out the old roots than it did to plant the new, not mention the back breaking resistance the old roots gave me on the way out, but it had to be done.  My first gardening experience taught me something important – roots of the past have to be dug up before new roots have chance for the future.


One response to “Uprooting along the way

  1. interesting observations. likewise, i planted my 1st garden in milwaukee last week. even after i tilled up the soil to put down the tomatoe and pepper plants, i wondered how in the world those little plants were going to stand up to the wind, rain, etc. now, 1 week later, you can already see evidence of those tiny plants developing tiny roots and how they are taking hold. because i lack a green thumb, 1 plant was washed away from the rain storm, but you could still see the new roots exposed as the topsoil was washed away.

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