Somebody Else’s Turn

  Between reading Matthew Paul Turner’s Hokey Pokey and the book of Deuteronomy, I’m arriving at the need for patience in calling.  God called Israel to inherit their promised land, but four hundred years and life threatening slavery conditions went by before God did anything about it.  If that didn’t cause enough questions, imagine on your way to the land God was about to give you, you have to walk passed the land God gave to Esau’s decedents and then the land God gave to Lot’s descendants, all the while listening to a Divine commentary on how much God chose to bless them (Deuteronomy 2).  In the end, God delivered in big ways for Israel, but not before seemingly everyone else had their turn first.


If you have a calling from God, maybe even a promise, be patient.  Even when it looks like everyone else is getting theirs, wait your turn. 

As a Jill Briscoe poem once said, “Ask him to do it, but don’t tell him how.  Ask him to do it, but don’t tell him now.  Ask him for the faith and strength it will take, to say to this mountain ‘Go jump in the lake.'”


2 responses to “Somebody Else’s Turn

  1. I think the last line of this poem should read ‘go jump in the lake’

  2. Good catch Angie. I changed it now. The post has been up for almost seven years and no one caught that before!

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