Practical Leadership Development

To add to Loyola’s inspiration, some contemporary approaches to leadership development would be helpful.

I recently read a Leadership Journal article by Gordon MacDonald called Ministry’s Sweet Spot.  MacDonald’s approach is to develop a dozen leaders every year by gathering those within his congregation that display noteworthy potential.  He walks them through the issues and scriptures he finds most important, as well as showing them how he does so.

Craig Groeschel ( has posted 10 tips on developing people: 

  1. Honest, immediate, and consistent feedback on performance is invaluable.
  2. Developing strengths nets a bigger return than developing weaknesses. 
  3. Developing others takes a ton of time in the early seasons and produces huge results with smaller investments in future seasons.
  4. You will see a better ministry return by investing in your star team members than you will by investing in weaker players.
  5. You will have to allow people to fail if you want them to improve.
  6. Great coaches are great encouragers.
  7. If you don’t schedule intentional time for developing others, you aren’t likely to do it.
  8. God can use you to pull more out of a person than the person may believe exists.
  9. The person you are developing can also help develop you-if you will ask questions and listen.
  10. The best people builders develop others to develop others.

Get your thinking cap on.  Leadership development is destined to be a central element of leading change.


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