USA Today on the “Unchurched”

USA Today and The Christian Post just did an article on what it means to be “churched” vs. “unchurched.”  Ron Sellers and the Ellison Research Group conducted a study of 1,000 people for their findings, and was inclusive church, mosque, and synagogue involvement. 

One out of every five Americans is attending worship services at least occasionally during the year, even though they are not regularly involved.  

Being “unchurched” however does not mean they never attend a worship service.  18 percent of the “unchurched” say they visit services occasionally, just not regularly.  22 percent attend on special occasions such as Christmas and Easter.  Only 60 percent of the “unchurched” do not attend worship services at all.

There are two practical outlets for the research as I see it: 1) We have a small window of opportunity to deliver the gospel to 40% of the unchurched just by doing what we’re already doing, so let’s make every effort to inspire people during key visiting times such as Easter and Christmas, not to mention our weekly routine.  2) We have to come up with outreach approaches that do not depend on Sunday mornings, because majority of those who need the gospel are saying they never have and never will visit.


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