Moving from Bankrupt to Sustainable

Organic change does not happen overnight, nor does it happen wildly abrupt turns.  There is a pattern and a progression.

Joseph Myers’ Chapter 5 of Organic Community speaks more on this issue.  Here are my notes… Don’t exhaust all resources with a new initiative.  Too often churches push a new initiative so heavily that they compromise the success of the old.  Instead of reinventing a particular ministry every time it is failing to achieve desired results, build off of strengths that are present.  In other words, seek to repair, not replace.


One response to “Moving from Bankrupt to Sustainable

  1. Wow, I see re-invention ALL the time in my church. Although I still am curious as to WHY we re-invent–
    Is it because:
    The ministry isn’t working/functioning as it should
    The ministry isn’t getting the number of people involved that we’d like
    We, as a society, get bored easily and are always looking for new things to catch our interest.
    Many of us, as church staff, are visionary in nature and are always looking for a way to see our visions come to life–thus the need to shut something down and try our new idea.

    With as much change of programming that I’ve seen at my church in the last 5 years, it’s a wonder that I don’t have whiplash! Joseph Myers’ comment on repairing are insightful and I think, in the long run, will create focus and sustainability.

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