Worth of an Artist

As an artist, I often struggle to value my work.  It takes a lot of time, focus, money, and practice to make a good oil painting, only to hang it on a wall.  That’s about all it does – hang on the wall.  It never moves, it never changes, it never produces something else.  A good painting just hangs there looking beautiful.

That being said, God is challenging me to see that creating some beautiful to behold is something very dear to his heart.  It’s not meaningless.  He does it all the time:  Trees without fruit or use as lumber. Flowers that blossom brightly and wither by evening.  People that never quite hit their potential.  Is it a magnificent cave or just a hole in the ground?  A lousy crow or silhouette for the sunset?

To all you fellow artists who struggle finding worth in your work, let me remind you that there is always worth in creating something beautiful; always worth in you.  Remind me too sometime when I start to forget.


2 responses to “Worth of an Artist

  1. Brian,

    I spent some time during vacation making sand sculptures at the beach. Both of my sand sculptures took 2-3 hours to construct and both were gone the next day. However, I enjoyed immensely the creative work I put into designing and constructing the sand sculptures, and many people on the beach enjoyed seeing them for the short time that they were available to be seen. I actually didn’t make them for those who viewed them; I made them because I enjoyed making them. … I imagine that is why you paint.

  2. Christine Hofmeister


    Years ago I took a picture of my children as they frolicked in front of a fountain. It was a scene of joy and reckless abandonement. My husband recognized it as special and encouraged me to enter it in a photo contest ,
    something I never imagined doing. To my surprise I won a second place and my photo was printed in our city’s newspaper. The remarkable thing is not that I won and was given recognition for my art, but that it gave me hope. At the time I was dealing with deep hurts from my childhood. The photo showed me that there was still beauty in this world, and more importantly, that I could recognize and yes still enjoy it. It was God’s gift to me then and now. Keep painting Brian. It may help someone see God.

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