Illusively Loveable

I just read Proslogion, by Anselm of Cantebury.  Anselm wrote this discourse, not from the perspective of an attempt to convince non-Christians of the truth of Christianity, but rather from the perspective of a Christian believer seeking a rationale for faith.  He has a way of putting your unfulfilled longings for Jesus into prayers, and therefore I highly recommend the read.

It is odd that the one thing our hearts yearn for most, to see and be with Jesus, is one thing we cannot have.  Like the sun, you cannot go to him or look directly at him.  To him, you are near; but for you, he is so far away.  We feel his effects, but never actually him.  

What is availale to us in this lifetime is a love for him.  Even after we have loved him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, we are yet to exhaust all there is available of him to be adored.  This is our celebration this side of him – loving him, not necessarily meeting him.

Anselm concludes saying, “God, I pray, let me know and love You, so that I may rejoice in You. And if I cannot in this life fully, at least let me advance day by day until the point of fullness comes.”  May it be so for us as well.


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