Agile Leadership

I am finding that change happens best when you know when to be hard and when to be soft; when to be unwavering in your demands, and when to accept small victories.  For some roles we do a disservice to the cause of Christ if we do not find the best people who demand the best from themselves.  At other times we do a greater disservice by discouraging normal people from normal contributions.  Making the distinction only happens when the importance of the role, the development of the person, and the ultimate cause of Christ are held in balance.

Anselm explains how God exemplifies this agility, how he is both merciful and impassible.

Exeprt from Chapter Eight of PROSLOGION 

But how are you both merciful and impassible? For if You are impassible You have no compassion. And if You do not have compassion, You do not have a heart sorrowful out of compassion for the wretched-the very thing which being merciful is. And if You are not merciful, from where is there such great consolation for the wretched? How, then, are You and are You not merciful, 0 Lord, except because You are merciful from our point of view but are not merciful in Yourself? Indeed, You are [merciful] according to our experience but are not [merciful] according to Your experience. For when You behold us in our wretched condition, we experience the effect of Your mercy; but You do not experience any emotion. And so, You are merciful because You save [us] wretched [creatures] and spare [us] who have sinned against You; and You are not merciful, because You do not experience compassion for wretchedness.


One response to “Agile Leadership

  1. Ahhh, this is something I struggle with constantly. I tend to have high expectations of people and demand excellence. When I feel as if people fail me in their production and/or outcome, I blame it on laziness or apathy. Rarely do I look at the person’s intent, desire or circumstances. I tend not to want to take the time to develop people, but rather I focus on getting the job done. Taking a look at Jesus’ example, people development was integral to His work on earth. He took the time to look at their heart, guide and correct them as appropriate, and always love them. The questions I need to ask myself are: Am I’m taking the time to LOVE people as Jesus did? Am I prioritizing people over programs? And always, I must ask if the tasks I am expending so much energy on, and demanding so much perfection on will have eternal consequences.

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