Change by Mission – Alan Hirsch

I don’t think any change is possible without seeing problems and solutions in ways previously unrecognized.  This issues may be established, the solution may be fixed, but we need fresh perspective to create change.

Alan Hirsch is a prophet to our times, and leading voice for “missional” churches, a new way of seeing the problems and solutions to “the church.” He has a way deconstructing false assumptions and misguided allegiances we’ve carried into doing church. 

Alan says that Christology leads to your Missiology which leads to you Ecclesiology.  In laymen’s terms, that means you start with an understanding of who Jesus is and what he sought to do.  Secondly, you pattern your purpose for life and targets for change off of his.  Finally, you then package the message and mission of Jesus in a form that it most true to that message and mission for your context, and then call that form “church.”  Okay so maybe I didn’t make it any easier to understand, but it’s worth chewing on either way. 

The bottom line is the mission: changing the world as Jesus intends it to be changed.  When the mission is made supreme, church will be reinvented in thousands of different ways – and this is exactly what Alan is doing. 

There are many blogs, links, and book notes tied to Allan that I highly recommend you take advantage of.  You can survey my full list here.


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