Vindictive Prayer

My small group is doing “famous prayers of the Bible” this season. We don’t have a book (although I’m sure there’s a great one out there), we’re just reading the most noteworthy prayers of the Bible and figuring out how that affects our prayer life. 

Habakkuk 3 was an interesting read last night, expressing a wide range of emotions through prayer.  Probably the most challenging part to our discussion was figuring out how vindication fits into our prayers.  Habakkuk prayed for his enemies to get their’s, and we came around to seeing that we should too.  Justice is a holy thing, and therefore we should ask for it.  Asking for justice also makes you more holy because you take vindication out of your hands and placed it in God’s. 

In the end, what impressed us most about Habakkuk’s prayer life, was that in the midst of confusion, suffering, and questioning, he brought it all back to a firm trust in God through all things.


2 responses to “Vindictive Prayer

  1. Hello my name is Emily. my mother-n-law has taken a turn for the worse in the mental capacity. I have been married to her son for 7 months. we were all living together and due to past events that have occured between her my husband there was a complete blow out in the family. His mother moved, left us with no vehicle or things in the house. She stole items from us including a picture that was given to my husband by his grandmother who has passed. She has tried to tell my husband lies about me, thank god my husband didn;t believe them. What bible verses or prayers can I pray for her to stop all of this and to help her realize what she is doing to bring her closer to god and more peace in her heart. thanks so much Emily Smith

  2. Emily,

    I’m terribly sorry to hear about your struggles. Although I haven’t had an experience quite like yours, I most often go back to Romans 12:9-21 when trying to persevere through relational strain. It’s a thick text and takes a lot of time to understand and apply, but I’ve found it to be a concise statement of all I need to keep loving, keep forgiving, and keep contributing something positive to the world.

    In the midst of your application, don’t minimize your hurt. My understanding of forgiveness is that you can fully see another as wrong, and fully forgive, all at the same time. To try to see the damage done to you as “not that bad” is a cheap shortcut that rarely works. Pass along a little of the grace Jesus has given you, and in time you’ll find that you’ve “overcome evil with good.”

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