Converting… Again and Again

At the Orchard Group Retreat these past couple of days, Paul Williams shared with us the seven conversions he’s gone through over the course of his life.  For Paul, any major shift in perspective and direction is seen as another conversion. 

I found Paul’s talk to be a compelling vantage point from which anyone can extend their conversion story.  Sure there is the big turning point of being “born again,” but over the course of life, Jesus incorporates a handful of subsequent alterations of such significance that we could rightfully label them as other “conversions.”

How many conversions has Jesus brought you through in life? 

I have about four conversions in my story to date…

  1. Learning to love and be loved by God – my “born again” experience in the summer of 94.
  2. Embracing brokenness as a way of life – this began during a bout with childhood cancer in the summer of 95.
  3. Being with God more than doing things for God – an InterVarsity Conference in the Fall of 99 helped redirect some of this misguided zeal.
  4. Experiencing that life-long sins can be beat, even if they can’t be killed – somewhere in 2003, God and I teamed up to win my battle against anger day after day and pretty consistently come out on top (it’s a Romans 7 kind of thing).

Conversion stories are never complete.  No matter how many you start there always seems to be another coming.  No matter how meaningful each may be, it’s always the start of something that never reaches completion this side of heaven.


One response to “Converting… Again and Again

  1. It was great connecting with you up there again Brian. Wish we had more time to hang too. Stay in touch.

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