My First Art Purchase

I made my first art purchase this weekend at the Art Walk of Downtown Schenectady, NY.  I’ve often been interested in collecting art, not just creating it, but have not found the right combination of 1) quality, 2) price, and 3) enough uniqueness that I couldn’t have made something similar myself.  It looks like a water color painting, but the texture really pushes beyound what I’m familiar with. 

My wife won’t let me hang it in the living room for fear that someone might think I painted a nude of her!  Nonetheless I’ve found a proud place to display in upstairs. 

In case you were wondering, the artist’s name is Pat Kessler, a member of the Schenectady Art Society.


4 responses to “My First Art Purchase

  1. Your darn right it’s not going in the livingroom!

  2. You have free art all around you. Grab your camera and take pictures of the graffiti. New York City is world famous for it’s artistic graffiti scene. How far are you from Soho? Ever heard of a blog called the Wooster Collective?

  3. Dude–I’ve got an art. (haha…that’s a funny way to say it)

    Bought it at an art party. Thought I was high class. It’s like 2in x 3in and cost me like 85 bucks. What an idiot.

    At the same party my mom bought a painting of a naked woman with a huge butt that’s hanging in her bathroom–she made a similar comment to Melissa.

  4. Blake,

    Thanks for tipping me off to the Wooster Collective… never heard of it before but loved what the site is showcasing. I’m only about 3 hrs from Soho, so I can make a point of peaking around next time I’m in the city.


    Word to your mother.

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