I know a lot of Christians are skidish about Halloween…  satan worship, dark & gruesome images, you know the stuff.  But if a pagan can enjoy Christmas, can’t a Christian enjoy Halloween? 

I think Halloween is a great holiday.  Sure a few cats get sacrificed in the process, but what about the value it adds to your neighborhood?  There is no other day of the year where it’s okay for one neighbor to knock on the door of another and say, “Hi.”  People meet each other, adore each other’s kids, learn to smile and wave the next time their paths cross, maybe even learn they share a lot in common and ought to do dinner sometime. 

You have the opportunity to be a part of your neighborhood unlike any other day of the year.  Grab a garbage bag, dress your kid in something funny, and get out there to shake a few hands.


5 responses to “Halloween

  1. AMEN!!!! We have permission to pester our neighbors on exactly one night out of the whole year. Totally… skip your church’s alternative “Fall Spectacular” event and bang on your neighbors’ doors.

  2. I agree that halloween presents a good opportunity to meet your neighbors; However, I think that we have to be careful in how we approach the “holiday”. It is a night many set aside for satan worship and a holy day for witches – and I wouldn’t poo poo that fact.

    I’ll share how my wife and I have handled this day. When our kids were young, we did not go out with them. When they were old enough to talk with, we educated them about the day and how we do not want to celebrate satan. When we felt they were old enough to reason out the difference between celebrating satan and using the day as a tool for sharing Christ, we decided to go door to door with them. So, you won’t find cardboard cutouts of ghosts, witches and goblins decorating our walls.

    I want our kids to know that we do not choose to celebrate this holiday; but that we don’t want to “preach” about our choice and we want to take advantage opportunities it presents. We want to teach them a clear message of being in the world but not of the world. And actually, we aren’t sure that a Christian should “enjoy” halloween … in the sense that we shouldn’t celebrate evil.

    So sure, dress your kid in something funny and get out there to shake a few hands … but do it with the knowledge that your kids are watching and learning from all your words and actions so use the event to teach them that you do so for the glory of our God.

  3. Joanne Cogswell

    I’ve struggled with Halloweed both as a parent and a teacher. Sad fact: in schools it is very common for more parents to attend the Halloween parade (which is held in the middle of the work day) than parents to attend Open House which is held outside the typical work day.

    We have decided this year to take our kids away for a “family escape” and go to an indoor water park and spend time together.

    I must add, however, that since our kids are older and like the Halloween hype, we have compromised and they will also be going to traditional Halloween antics at the ourdoor park.

    Final word…we are modeling that the intent of the weekend is to spend precious family time together and that we value time spent with them.

    I suspect by not dictating to them at this age, they will walk away with similar values. Thanks Chris for the reminder to all of us that are kids are watching what we do!!!

  4. On reading your views on Halloween I agree with the most. Halloween doesn’t necessarily have to be the worship of satan, witches etc, but more of an opportunity for children to dress up and have fun. A bit like the carnival in Brazil. I like Halloween for that cosy feeling it gives me (with all its paraphenalia!) as its near Guy Fawkes and Xmas time!

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