Building your Support Network

We just can’t make it through life without relationships that help us.  It’s arrogant for any one of us to think we can do it alone.   

building-your-support-network-chartOver the years I’ve come to appreciate the different ways we may relate to people, and the varying functions of support each of those relationship contain.  My wife and I just did a workshop titled The Right People at the Right Time: Building a Support Network that Keeps you Healthy.  Our workshop covered five relationships: Counseling, Accountability, Mentoring, Coaching, and Training.

Knowing what kind of relationship to form comes down to knowing how healthy you are on any given issue at hand.  Counseling & Accountability are great when you are behind on an issue and know it.  Coaching and Training are ideal when you are healthy at the very least, and looking to excel.  Mentoring helps when your halfway there.

That’s the mini version for you.  Read our handouts for the full version.


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