Compelled – Excel 2009 Art Project

I had a unique opportunity as an artist this past weekend at the 2009 Youth for Christ Excel Conference in Saratoga.  My coworker, Jonathon Hentrich, plays a key role in coordinating special elements for the conference.  With 1,000+ High School Students attending, he was looking for some sort of snappy visual that would be large and in charge.

We came up with a three part series of live paintings spanning 16’x12′ on plywood panels.  The first set was clean and simple, representing purity and goodness.  The second set symbolizedcorruption, as we destroyed the pure painting with dark colors and choppy brush work.  Finally, we showed how God can redeem a broken mess by painting over the corruption with symbols of growth, second chances, and proclamation. 

I coordinated the project with four other artists, each of us representing a different medium every time we went to work.  Dave Brown did Acrylic Paint, Erin Brown – Mixed Media, Ashley Hentrich – Word Art, Ray “Rayski” Villegas – Tag, yours truly – Printmaking. 

All-in-all, the pictures taken don’t do it justice.  The art was the process more than the product – watching all five of move across the stage to create the imagery.  With a little luck, I hope to post a youtube video of it soon.


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