Ventures into Mixed Media

While reading an art magazine, a noteworthy collector in Denver said, “A good piece of art should reflect something from its time.”  Although I also believe there is value to art done simply for the sake of beauty, he makes a good point.

Over the past few years, I’ve attempted to build a body of artwork by focusing on oil paintings of urban landscapes.  I’m up to about 25 paintings in this body, almost all of which are done for the sake of beauty.  

I’m ready to add other horizons, art forms that offer a little more interpretation and meaning.  I’m going to start exploring mixed media paintings.  I’ll be seeking to use this art form to offer a commentary on the times. 

As a pastor, many of these works will offer a commentary on the state of the church – some will be hopeful, others will express disappointment, all will leave Christian viewers with something to ponder.    

One more thing to add to the new horizon: whenever possible, I will include my one year old and three year old boys as co-creators of these works.

Stay tuned for pictures as this project unfolds!


One response to “Ventures into Mixed Media

  1. Sounds like a great idea. As far as Christian art goes, I agree that we should leave our viewers, Christian and non-christian with things to ponder. I actually wrote an artice on Christian art that might interest you at Again, great post.

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