Inspiring Entrepreneurs

I am becoming increasingly more convinced that the way forward for the church is to inspire entrepreneurs.  For as long as we fill slots and orchestrate programs, we hold back the creative energies of individuals by focusing them toward the objections of the institution. 

I’m not saying that everyone with an idea gets center stage for leading the congregation in their direction; I am saying they get encouraged and supported as they run in their own direction in contributing to the congregation and kingdom of Jesus.  Entrepreneurs contribute to the old by starting something new entirely outside of the old.  

In The Birth of the Chaordic Age, Dee Hock says, “To the degree that you hold purpose and principles in common among you, you can dispense with command and control.  People will know how to behave in accordance with them, and they’ll do it in thousands of unimaginable, creative ways.” 

As Neil Cole says in Chapter 9 of Organic Church:  Structure is only good when it supports the life that already exists.  Never praise the structure as though it is the source of life.  Order it, but don’t control.  Distribute authority, don’t delegate it.

I’d love to see what would happen when church leadership releases control and church laity releases the kingdom of Jesus


One response to “Inspiring Entrepreneurs

  1. Brian,

    Some great thoughts here. I’m thinking in this direction too. Less structure, more freedom of motion. I find programs to be just one more way to tie up God’s people. Instead of sending them out, programs and committee meetings and church board meetings, etc, keeps them inside and too focused on institutional church, as opposed to incarnational and missional

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