Ancient Future

lightweb  As promised, I’m expanding my artistic horizon with the help of my boys – intomixed media.  With these works, I’m seeking to be more interpretive in my intent, giving a commentary on our culture and times.

The work above, Ancient Future, captures an emerging thought process in Christian culture in which many are looking to our past to determine our future.  Not that a love for church history is anything new, but today’s generation of Jesus followers are looking for new ventures out of old roots. 

Matthew 5 speaks of Jesus’ followers as the “light of the world.”  With a scattered collection of candles and bulbs, this work is intended to communicate that Jesus followers have taken different forms throughout the ages, but we’ve all had the same function of shining light.

Here’s a play by play on how the creation came together.  First, setting the back drop…



Then, placing the media…



Melting with the blow torch (I struggled to hold the torch, son, and camera at the same time!)…


A closer look at the finished product…


Don’t let Creighton deceive you with the pictures; I helped too.


2 responses to “Ancient Future

  1. I’m not sure if compact fluorescent lights save money when used in artwork.

  2. Very true Tim. Very true.

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