This mixed media work is designed to capture a little of the current discoveries regarding BPA in toxins.  It’s sobering to think that every bottle of water and formula baby bottle has been doing us harm for decades.


Framing design comes compliments of baby Blake.


After two works into my mixed media adventure, I’ve come to handful of conclusions. 

  1. This stuff takes longer than you’d imagine.  Even though I just slop it all together in the end, it takes a ton of time to conceptualize the idea and find the materials to get it there.
  2. This stuff doesnt’ look that good.  No worries if it was fast and cheap, but these works are cost me more time and money than some oil paintings I’m a lot more proud of.
  3. Working with the boys isn’t working.  I thought it would be a fun bonding experience to create art with my sons, but in the end it has been pretty frustrating for them, and me.

Put all these things together, and I believe my mixed media experience will come to a close sooner than anticipated.  I have a few more ideas in the oven that I have to finish, but I doubt I’ll go much further.


2 responses to “BPA

  1. Brian – I really like the perspective in the above photo. I don’t know a whole lot about art, but I know that sometimes it’s hard to capture the essence of art in a photo, but you do it well. Also, it makes me laugh a little, seeing your (adorable) boys painting. The common expression surrounding modern art comes to mind, “Any child could have painted that!”

  2. Christine Hofmeister

    I like the perspective of the 1st BPA picture. It looks like a huge sculpture!

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