Good Friday Art

I witnessed what I’d possibly deem the most meaningful art display I have ever come across.  Seriously, it rivaled my experience with the Picasso’s at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, or the Monet’s at the Chicago Art Institute.  Admittedly, as a pastor and profound appreciator of what Good Friday is all about, I’m quiet biased. 

The exhibit, by Patricia Marie Trudeau, is taking place at the Terra Nova Galleryin Troy, NY.  I counted about 16 paintings, all of which are quite large (3’x4′ ish), displaying various stages of Jesus’ final hours.  The scenes are so real with texture you can almost touch Jesus’ torn flesh.

Not only are the paintings done with a great degree of skill, but creativity as well.  A circle appears in each scene.  The scene itself depicts a portion of the passion story, the circle interrupts each scene with a touch point to modern humanity. 

The circles are very much separated from the scene at large, almost like an encapsulated bubble, until the final piece.  The final work of art depicts the resurrection.  The circle is broken open in this scene, with some sort of flow between the resurrected Christ and the once separated humanity.  I cried.  This is life.

Even with my personal bias, I don’t see any reason this exhibit shouldn’t be onnational tour.  You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who’s dedicated such detailed attention (I overhead it took her about six years), to such an important and recognized holiday.


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