Ed Stetzer on Planting Indigenous Churches

Ed Stetzer is an oratory genius.  His track lecture was filled with catchy one liners and powerful points to ponder.  To top it all off, Ed has done his homework with the best of them.

Need a Clear Calling to Plant Among a Certain People

  • It’s hard enough that you need a clear calling to refer back to.
  • Ed says his spiritual life suffered with each plant he did.

Exegete your Community

  • Be an expert on your community. Know more about them more than they know about themselves.
  • Ed does a lot of demographic research – common careers, hobbies, interests, etc…

Examine Ways God is Working in Other Churches 

  • Read every church planting book on those who have planted like you want to plant, where you want to plant.

Finding God’s Unique Vision for Your Church

  • Can’t copy your favorites. You need to find the appropriate local expression of the models you like.
  • It’s demoralizing for your people to keep changing your vision/approach. It pays to do your homework before starting to truly understand what has the best chance of working.

Adjust Your Vision as You Learn Your Context

  • Churches often lock themselves into what was once indigenous. They create a self-sustaining subculture amongst themselves that no longer lends itself to others outside of them.
  • If your church is 1987, it might as well be 1687.
  • Don’t fall in love with your technique to the detriment of your mission.

Your Indigenous Contextualization is Just the Wrap on Your Core

  • Before you plant, you need a clear conviction of what a church is meant to be and do.
  • The goal is to look the same but live different. Too many churches create people that look different but live the same.

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