Small Groups Won’t Disappear

A number of churches, “Don’t do small groups anymore,” or so they say. 

I’m not much of a traditionalist, so I don’t mind letting go of things that have run their course, but I can’t help but feel that the latest band wagon is kidding themselves.   A church cannot call themselves a church if they get away from caring for one another’s needs, sharing hands-on learning experiences with one another, knowing one another, growing one another, serving with one another, and all the other “one-another’s” things you can think of.  To pull of “one-anothering,” we probably need smaller settings.  Smaller settings typically become “groups.”  Call it what you want and tweak the focus how you want, but I don’t think western churches can get away from doing small groups.

And that’s just it – the churches that “don’t do small groups anymore” are really just tweaking titles.  “We don’t do small groups anymore, we do discipleship groups.”  “We don’t do small groups anymore, we do table fellowships.”  Whenever a small group ministry proved too broad or too shallow, the big visionaries change the title in hopes adding new hopes to old purposes.

I’d like to expand your vision of what a small group could be.  Rather than walking away from small groups as though it were a failed experiment, let’s talk about bigger leadership and next levels. 

Over the next week or two, I’ll be hosting a blog series on bigger ways to do small groups; Small Groups 101-501 if you will.  Hope you’ll come along for the ride.


4 responses to “Small Groups Won’t Disappear

  1. Brian – Yet another good subject! I’m especially interested in learning what “bigger leadership and next levels” looks like. I look forward to this series. Thanks!

  2. Stan Mitchell

    I will be following this with interest. Our church does LTG’s and I am interested in expanding the model to include some of my Christian workmates. I don’t agree that small groups need to be confined to our local church, but that can be expanded to the work place. I guess one can call it new ways of “doing” church.

  3. Stan & Ellen,

    Glad to have you along for the ride! A lot of what I’ll be sharing pertains to how we can spread groups beyond the confines of our churches. Groups can do a lot more for the world than just make church attendees experience community.

  4. Groups can do a lot more for the world than just make church attendees experience community.

    Brian, I like this thought. .. I also want to go along for the ride.

    I have recently been experiencing community with a group outside of church and it has made all the difference in how we experience life . The group was formed naturally and the members were intertwined in many aspects of oneanother’s lives. I think this would be a 201 group. love the concept; it’s real.

    interested to hear more about bigger leadership and next levels

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