Retro Communication

So white boards are back.  After all the jazzy power points and things surrounding them, I’m told that high school kids are much more captivated by white board illustrations.  White boards and makers are an organic, real-time, real-life tie in to the speaker, and therefore more worthy of making an impression than multi-media.

As a pastor, I’m pondering whether my industry requires the communication shift as well.  My role is to inspire as much is it is to teach, and I’m not sure white boards are capable of achieving inspiration.


2 responses to “Retro Communication

  1. Chris Aldrich

    I always enjoy it when Lumpy tries to draw an illustration during his sermons and he has no artistic ability … maybe that’s part of the fun!

    If the whiteboard helps to drive home a point, then I’m all for it. If it’s a distraction, then …

  2. Great point, Chris! I think that the same holds true for any media that we use for ministry. It’s only effective in so much that it assists us and doesn’t impede us. When the message gets supplanted by the medium, then we’ve failed!

    I am finding that I am increasingly struggling with trying to keep up with the rapid pace of culture; how people think, learn and respond. In my mind I have always thought of these things as constants and that is definitely not the case!

    While I have an understanding that some people will be more visual learners, and others more auditory and still others more rhythm oriented, we now have to layer cultural influences on top of that. With the rapid pace of information, I’m learning that today’s 20-somethings and younger learn better when they are given drop down menus, short bursts of information (twitter like) and quick responses. BUT, we must remember that the message of Christ remains the same–it’s how we communicate about Him in a class or church setting that may look different than it did 10 years ago.

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