Sex isn’t Naughty after 50

Does it seem like moral standards change as you age?  Even in non-conservative camps, most aren’t thrilled about Jr. High girls cashing in their virginity.  Although living with someone in your 20’s & 30’s is widely accepted, a good number of people still question why the couple doesn’t just get married. 

After 50 however, it seems like sexual morality is obsolete.  “The cat’s already out of the bag,” or “I’m too old to try marriage again.”  Sure adultery is a big no-n0, but no one seems to raise an eyebrow about elderly daters taking a long cruise together, or late adulthood partners driving down to stay the weekend.  Maybe we’d all like to think that old people are just looking for companionship, but I’m pretty sure more is going on.

Are there any moral standards that come with an expiration date?


2 responses to “Sex isn’t Naughty after 50

  1. Good question. The obvious (and biblical) answer is “no”–sexual immorality is sexual immorality. Unfortunately, I’ve found the practical application to be quite a bit more difficult, for the reasons you’ve mentioned among others. Perhaps part of the reason it’s so difficult also has to do with how we view sex differently as we age.

    On another note, would “not drinking before you’re 21” qualify as having “expired” after you turn 21?

  2. Chris Aldrich

    Bottom line – Sin is sin – and we humans like to justify our sin.

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