Sins that Never Grow Old

  I’m becoming increasing more convinced that we never grow out of childhood sins, we just become more accepting of them.  Instead of talking back, we talk behind people’s back.  Instead of saying no, we just avoid saying yes.  Instead of demanding our parents attention, we demand everyone’s attention.  Instead waiting for parents to fix our problems, we make our families fix our problems.  And have any of really gotten better at sharing?


One response to “Sins that Never Grow Old

  1. I agree that childhood sins will continue until we deal with them and confess them to God, rather than covering them up. However, we can get past them to some degree with the help of the Holy Spirit.

    I have gotten better at sharing. While I still have issues with anger, I give them over to God continually and I am making progress through God’s strength and by the renewal of His Spirit. I hope for the sake of my kids that I am an example to them of how God can help us to move beyond our sin issues.

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