Five Dysfunctions of Teams – Book Review

Five Dysfunctions of Teams is another great resource by Patrick Lencioni.  As with his other books, you can skip to the back and gather his basic digest version.  I agree with Lencioni that the functions can’t be taken independently – the worse a team messes up the early stages, the less likely they are to succeed in the later.  Here’s my basic notes: 


  • Need to be able to express weakness & vulnerability without repercussion.
  • You can jump-start trust with a Myers-Briggs or 360 degree evaluation.
  • Trust takes time.  You have to know each other.

Fear of Conflict

  • Conflict is efficient.  It avoids revisiting issues and creates real buy-in.


  • You don’t need consensus or certainty to have commitment. 
  • Make sure everyone’s ideas are considered and a confident decision is run with until further clarity arrives.


  • Clear expectations and public knowledge of the expectations.
  • Simple and regular progress reports are given.
  • Team rewards over individual rewards.


  • Make desired results clear and only reward behavior that contributes to those results.
  • Publicly declare target results.

One response to “Five Dysfunctions of Teams – Book Review

  1. Patrick has several great books for organizational leadership, his style keeps you interested and also gets your team to learn the issue at hand. Great books for any size team (Marriage, to Multi-level Corp…)

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