Re-Jesus – Book Review

ReJesus by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch is another book added to the “missional” dialog in the Christian faith.  The book reads with a more precise purpose than their prior books The Shaping of Things to Come or The Forgotten Ways.  It evidences some refining of what they believe to be the essentials of missional Christianity.

The big ask of the book is to become like Jesus in deed and action.  Their chief concern is that Christianity has made Jesus into someone to worship, not follow.  In other words, we’ve made Jesus our snuggle buddy or coffee date, rather than our leader.  Jesus was radical and fearlessly controversial in changing the world, and therefore so should we. 

It was a good book, but I was a little let down.  It didn’t evidence the progressive thought I believe these guys are capable of.  Hirsch in particular, by my personal estimation, has a big calling from God that we haven’t seen the half of.  I think he’s only learned half of what God intends to teach him and pass along.  I’m looking forward to learning along with him, but this book didn’t evidence much development from his last writing.


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