Financial Rights

God’s been talking to me a lot about poverty and my finances.  My big lesson thus far: People in poverty don’t have a right to my stuff just because they don’t have it, but I’m also realizing that I don’t have the right to my own stuff just because I do have it. 

Although hard work and wise decisions on my part have contributed to my financial situation, I’m far from self-made.  I was born in the right part of the world and in the right part of town with the right parents to encourage my college education and supply me with a chunk of money to start off my adulthood.  I don’t have a right to my financial situation, it was a gift.

I’m big on shrewd financial management, but maybe the next chunk of money that comes free should go toward generosity instead of my mortgage?


3 responses to “Financial Rights

  1. Have you ever read Dr. Paynes research on generational vs. situational poverty? Adds alot to the discussion…

  2. Nope. Is there a link to an article, or do I need to find the book?

  3. She wrote “A Framework for Understanding Poverty” which I think was her first, and then some after including “What Every Church Member Should know about Poverty”.

    The only short summary of her study I found online is here:

    Makes me realize how ignorant I am when it comes to reaching those in poverty. This helped change some of my own stereotypes.

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