Jesus Scripts

How closely do you follow a guy like Jesus?  Take his outreach methods as example: miracles and teaching… miracles and teaching… mentor a few people… back to miracles and teaching… miracles and teaching.

Maybe my faith is just weak, but miracles don’t feel readily accessible in my tool belt.

Maybe I’m a poor communicator, but it seems that most people don’t care what I have to say.

How much do you make of what Jesus didn’t do?  He didn’t set-up sustained programs for the poor.  He didn’t really dig into foreign missions.  He didn’t make a concentrated effort to influence politics, arts, or entertainment.  He didn’t outline a presentation of gospel essentials. 

Maybe we’re in position of following Jesus’ teaching more than his methods.

Maybe we’re given liberty to accomplish his ends in any way that remains consistent with his character while intelligible to our culture.

I want to end being like Jesus, but am have difficulty discerning how closely I am to follow his script, or whether or not he even left us with a “script.”


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