Bread-and-Butter Angle on Life

The Four_Seasons_by_piimapakk

I wish life were unilateral, or compartmental.  I wish one approach, one personality, one form of communication and conflict resolution worked in all situations.

Ecclesiastes 3.1-8 explains otherwise.  Or as it says in verse 11, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”  Here’s my personalized spin on it…

I wish ambition got me everywhere, but I’m learning that acceptance is often an asset.

I wish nurturing the good in me always brought character change, but sometime I just have to kill the evil.

I wish sticking it out always prevailed, but sometimes you just have to start over. 

I wish staying in one place were possible, but sometimes you have to move on.

I like what quiet reflection does for my soul, but sometimes loud celebration brings me closest to God.

I wish solid boundaries with needy people always got them to the right spot, but sometimes I just have to embrace them, unhealthy coping and all.

I wish diligent planning always achieved the goal, but going with the moment keeps me from missing out on life.

I wish I always had something to say, but I find myself just as helpful when speechless.

I wish fighting for what matters would change the world, but sometimes I just need to make peace with where things are at.

I want a bread-and-butter approach to life.  Something that will work in all circumstances.  God is dragging me through balance however, showing me that the right response makes polar changes according to present situations.


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