Figuring it Out

Call it a product of the modern area, but most of us are bent on figuring things out.  Scientists, research analysts, marketers, counselors, tech industries – we have entire careers built on tapping unknown answers.  We carry this into our personal lives as well, navigating job markets, family situations, and at least amongst many circles I keep, a relationship with God.

Just because there is something new for me to learn, doesn’t mean that it is actually new itself.

 8 What advantage has a wise man over a fool?  What does a poor man gain by knowing how to conduct himself before others?

 10 Whatever exists has already been named, and what man is has been known; no man can contend with one who is stronger than he.

– Ecclesiastes 6.8,10

Higher living does not come from higher knowing.  Even among the most highly praised disciplines of science, we’re just learning what has already been – chemical reactions, cosmos images, origins of species, etc…  I don’t doubt that we can find a fresh telling of what has always been, but it puts us in humble and proper perspective before God to acknowledge that newness and originality are not in our grasp.


One response to “Figuring it Out

  1. I agree with you, Brian: “Higher living does not come from higher knowing.” – At least not in the Western sense of objective, imperial knowledge. In the Hebrew sense of experiential knowledge, such as the experiential knowledge of the love of our Father God – this is the kind of knowledge that transforms and bears fruit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness…

    I recently abandoned my reading through the Bible in a year program because I found it was more of an information grab than a meditation. I need more of the transforming knowledge of Christ – I’ve got plenty of the theoretical knowledge.

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