Share Your Journey

Some people like to package the good news of Jesus alongside their own story, as opposed to the more bulleted version in the last post.  I’ve found this video by Bill Search and Simple Small Groups to be a handy take on getting yourself/others talking about what Jesus has done in our lives.


3 responses to “Share Your Journey

  1. Thanks for sharing this brief video from Bill. I like that he is sharing a simple method for getting people engaged with sharing meaningful God moments in their lives.

    As I’ve mentioned before, one of the elements I love about North Point’s “Starting Point” material is that it has a high emphasis on bringing groups together as people share their personal story with God.

  2. At our church (Engage Community Church), we’ve developed a small group study based on Brian McLaren’s book “The Story We Find Ourselves In.” Our first time round we used the Starting Point materials, but found them not quite appropriate for the group of people we’re reaching out to. The premise of our study, which we’ve entitled “Story Core,” is to discover the big story, God’s story (Biblical metanarrative), as well as our own stories, and explore how our own stories fit into God’s. Each week during our 8 weeks together, we give one ore two members the opportunity to share their story, complete with whatever props they want to bring.

    I can’t tell you how amazing this experience has been. The vulnerability and openness has been incredible, especially given that most have never experienced this sort of small group before. I will definitely incorporate personal stories into any small group I have the privilege of facilitating in the future.

  3. Kevin,

    Sounds like you guys have utilized your resources amazingly well! I’d love to get a look at McLaren’s book to learn more about what you’re doing.

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