How the Mighty Fall

I had fun with an article and ellaboration on Jim Collins’ How the Might Fall.  While most study how to succeed, Collins has done a study on how to fail.  It’s an interesting perspective from which we’d all stand a little health check.

Collins sites five contributors to decline:

  1. Hubris born of success
  2. Undisciplined pursuit of more
  3. Denial of risk and peril
  4. Grasping for salvation
  5. Capitulation to irrelevance or death

Like most books on organizational leadership, I enjoyed pondering the perspectives for church leadership and spiritual formation.  It’s really easy to bless reckless behavior under the heading of “faith.”  It’s very tempting to tally up anything that may be counted as success while the core of Jesus’ calling seems out of reach.  A level-headed balance of faith and stewardship with an open ear to God is our best move forward.


One response to “How the Mighty Fall

  1. I just read your article “The Dirt on Organic Churches” and was really enjying it. I am posting it on my webpage. thanks for the insight and will pray continually for all of us in groups, small churches, etc.

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