Neil Cole Rebuttal to my Organic Church Article

Neil Cole has offered a bit of a rebuttal/defense of organic churches in response to my recent article in Leadership Journal.  Neil is author of Organic Church, one of the most influential books I’ve read on the subject.  His words are open to blog response, so click here to join the conversation. 

My article essentially stated that allowing some non-organic elements into organic churches may in fact give it a better chance at a sustained future.  Cole’s counters by saying something to the effect of, “Ya, but that’s not ‘organic.'”  Specifically, he pitches his concern on my wish for a few more leaders on the front end, and kindly suggests I quit too early.

I guess that’s where the tension lies in my mind – how true do you have to be to a paradigm?  Is it okay to sacrifice your ideal for the real in front of you?  Isn’t it alright to mix and match the best of both camps?

The current post is listed as ‘Part 1,” so apparently he’s got another round of concerns to put on the table.  This is kind of fun for me.


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