Four Leadership Fundamentals by Bill Hybels

  1. What it takes to move people: Effective vision casting is about explaining how awful staying HERE is, more than telling how great THERE will be.
  2. You need to look at character and competency in collecting the right people, but also look at whether or not they will fit the culture of the team you have.  Figure out who on your team, if they resigned today, would make you 1) relieved, 2) sad, or 3) vomit.  In other words, figure out who is so indispensible you need to cultivate them at all costs.
  3. Celebrating Mile Markers retains vision.  Everyone is excited about the plan/goal at the start (fresh motivation) and near the end (almost there), but they get tired and want to quit in the middle.  Figure out how to throw a good party for the middle increments.  Inspired people are 40% more productive, so monitor and attend to inspiration levels in your people.
  4. Whispers from God guide you as you go, often changing your plans.

2 responses to “Four Leadership Fundamentals by Bill Hybels

  1. Keep posting Brian! I am not able to attend the Summit because of a wedding obligation. However your summaries are helpful!

  2. I’m sure you’ll snag the DVD in the aftermath. I’ll help you flag the best talks.

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