Windows of Opportunity

A humbling thought came to me today as I’m now three weeks into my new pastoral position at Brooklife Church – my window of opportunity may narrow from here.  Sure, spheres of influence typically grow over time if you prove trustworthy and capable with the opportunities in front of you.  Or as Jesus put, “He who is faithful with little will be given much.”  The converse side of it is this: the more opportunities you botch the less opportunities you’ll be given.

In a new job at a new church, I’ve been given a blank slate.  By-in-large, people will participate with changes I bring.  If things turn out well, people will probably trust me with more.  If it turns out I’ve discerned poorly, my window of opportunity narrows.  Human nature hangs a lot on first impressions, leaving very little to second chances.

Let’s just say I’m praying a lot about my first decisions.


One response to “Windows of Opportunity

  1. Brian,

    It is good to be aware of the responsibilities and opportunities God has given you and to approach them humbly. However, don’t forget (not that you have) to trust in God even if something looks a bit grim. Peter denied Jesus before he died. He seemed to be given another opportunity and God used him in ways he undoubtedly didn’t see coming. In the end that is what we should keep in mind. Perhaps our opportunities do narrow if we make a mistake, but God is gracious and we provides another opportunity.

    You have already made a wonderful difference in many people’s lives, including mine, and I am confident that God will continue to use you as long as you seek Him. Besides you aren’t the only one praying for your ministry ;-)


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