New Thing Orientation

I attended a New Thing Orientation with my pastoral staff last week.  Everything done by New Thing and Community Christian Church is based on apprenticeship.  It’s a really simple system actually – no one should do what they are doing alone.  If you’re serving in some capacity, invite some to first watch, then help, and finally do.  In the end, those you apprentice in this fashion either replace you are multiplied in such a way that what you’re doing gets to happen somewhere else.

The second most insightful, yet still simple, contribution from the orientation is the importance of habits.  Churches often have the right values, and maybe even the right language around those values.  If however there are not habits in place that match the language and values, it doesn’t amount too much.  Even if a church can’t jump full swing into church planting or launching a new outreach, starting points and activities that parallel the ultimate hope should be put in place.  Vision and value casting doesn’t take traction until you give people a first step to take.


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