HG2 Kit

Children always add an interesting dynamic to group settings.  More often than not, the talk is on “childcare” options designed to keep the kids as far away as possible while the adults grow with God.  What if other options were possible?  What if, even if it was just for a portion of the evening, children and adults grew with God together?

Julie Scheibe, our Children’s Pastor at Brooklife Church, has worked with her team to release an ongoing HG2 Kit – guides and resources that will help make your group a formative experience for all the “junior members.”  Some resources can be used on the spot in 15 minutes or less.  Others are offered to parents as reference materials or take-homes.  The more extensive resources would even allow you to craft whole evenings around the kids. 

The Schindler Group and Slavik Group will be testing these resources out and reporting back, but all are welcome to take an HG2 Kit immediately.  This month’s kit helps kids focus on thankfulness and fruits of the spirit.  You can grab your kit at the Brooklife Church office during regular office hours.

Feel free to contact Julie Scheibe with any and all questions: jscheibe@brooklife.org, 262-378-4470 x222.  She’ll gladly walk you through how to use the materials.


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