The Esthetic Validity of Marriage: Concentricity of First Love

Observations and Inspirations Derived from Soren Kierkegaard‘s “Either/Or Part II”…

Marriage is the transfiguration of first love, not the annihilation of it.  Although marriage attains plateaus of stability, great joy still comes about through rejuvenating first love.  

Granted, many lack the courage to move forward in the first love, only lamenting the days of engagement gone.  These fools are there by lack of will, not because the nature of marriage dumped on them.  Even when someone sorrows over the first love that has past, this creates greater love in the present, driving you to gain back what was lost.  

No one really gets the first love back as it once was, but this is its beauty – it only happens once, but caries forward in higher concentricity.  Thankfulness to God for your wife creates this higher concentricity – you have not won the conquest of her, you have been made benefactor of the gift that she is.  Humility and indebted thanks takes the first love to higher concentricity of appreciation.


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