The Esthetic Validity of Marriage: Preservation

Observations and Inspirations Derived from Soren Kierkegaard’s “Either/Or Part II”…

A divine and moral context for sexuality originates in marriage, leading to sensuousness and romance single lovers know nothing of.  Inhibitions of comparison, conscience, and the time tables of rejection cease their existence.  Freedom of expression has laid a foundation; it gains ground every year with new knowledge of its lover, yielding a sensuality that goes beyond the moment.  Security is freedom. 

Marital love is external, internal, and eternal.  Page 114-115 contain the most poetic look at loving your wife that you’ll ever read.

Marriage openly and honestly knows and becomes known by its lover.  “Without this understanding, marriage is unbeautiful and actually immoral, for then the sensuous and the spiritual, which love unites, are separated,” (116). 

If love is preserved, then the esthetic is preserved, for love is the esthetic.


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