The Esthetic Validity of Marriage: Laughing When You Are Alone

Observations and Inspirations Derived from Soren Kierkegaard’s “Either/Or Part II”…

Why is time seen as an enemy to relationships?  Time surely makes some things stale and sour, but other things mature and sweet.

Do you laugh when you are alone?  If you truly can laugh with genuine delight, all by yourself, then you are among the few that need not concern themselves with the longevity of their relationships.  For the rest of us, there is great concern in making at least one relationship, a marriage, last a life time.


3 responses to “The Esthetic Validity of Marriage: Laughing When You Are Alone

  1. Brian,
    I’m a bit confused as to why someone who can laugh when they’re by the themselves, doesn’t seem to have a need for any longterm relationships? Does this mean if you hear something funny on the radio or see something funny that and you happen to be all alone & it makes you laugh outloud (“with genuine delight”) that you are not concerned in the longevity of your relationships – even your own marriage?? I don’t see what laughing alone has to do with how you feel about your spouse or the “longevity” of your marriage. In fact, I think its good to be able to tell your spouse about the “thing that made you laugh outloud today” and share in the joy of what they may have seen or heard.

  2. CJ,
    That’s not quite what Kierkegaard is getting at. More than a onetime occurrence, he’s raising the question, “Are you truly happy living truly alone.” The man he’s speaking to moves from one woman to another, using them as he pleases, but never offers a sustained relationship. He’s suggesting to the man that unless he is truly happy going through life all alone, he really ought to extend relationship (marriage) to one of them.

  3. Brian,
    Thank you for your explanation. I appreciate it. God Bless Marriage! It’s a wonderful thing!!

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