Alan Hirsch and Dave Ferguson on the conference theme: On The Verge

Missional People (in the churches) + Multiplying Churches = Movement

Problems the Church is Facing

  1. Strategic Problem: at least half of people (probably 60%) will not be reached within current church structure.  We can’t have all our eggs in one ecclesiological basket. 
  2. Missional Problem:  What is going to sound like good news to people who have like heard something about Jesus but did not accept him.

Most of the problems we face are birthed out of the paradigms were using to try to solve the problems. Let’s stop trying to do the same thing better; we need new expressions of church.  “It’s impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”

 On The Verge

  1. Imagine: First task of a leader is to define reality.  Set parameters on how followers define their followership within the organization.  America’s strength is that they jump into pragmatic solutions, but we have to do due diligence in examining underlying concepts and applying imagination in defining new paradigms.
  2. Shift: Defining a process by which change will come about.
  3. Innovate: Putting ideas to work; the implementation of imagination.  Imagination + Implementation = Innovation.  Do a little bit with average ideas yields more than staying great at one to the complete neglect of the other.
  4. Move: The change the happens.

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