Will Mancini on Finding and Aligning Personal Vision

You live a funnel.  There are a handful of opportunities in life, most of which are distractions.  You have to focus your opportunities.  Or, another way to think about it is as a spiral towards the center of God’s plan for your life.

Four vectors keep spinning you in succession toward the center of your spiral.  

Courage to Know Yourself

Barrier 1: Expectations from Others.  Dealing with the expectations of others requires the courage to de-clutter.  Diagnose what expectations from others are getting to you.

As an exercise, look for themes in what God has done in your life and what sources he has worked through.

Barrier 2: Projections you have of yourself.  All of us have pictures of self (who we want to be) that have nothing to do with who God is making us into. 

We all need to find brutal honesty from some source to set us straight on who we are.  Blind spots and self addictions need to go.

Engage in Carnivorous Learning. Read all the books you can on your subject and discern what are the common questions that each of them is asking.  From there you know what you are trying to learn from others and your readings. 

Experience to Grow

Every experience speaks to your journey.  You spend the early years circulating the periphery without making process spiraling toward the center.

Positive experiences shape your confidence.

Negative experiences shape your conviction.

Yes, we’re all called to follow Jesus and love God & people, but you’re looking for more specificity than that.  God has something specific he wants to do with you as his follower.

What has given you deep satisfaction that no one ever noticed?

Shoot for two word specificity – the first word ends in “ing” and the second is a noun.  It’s your motivational view of the world from which you do everything you do therefore with purpose and excitement. 

Value to Show

Negotiate your role description so you move toward your sweet spot.  Ask for more responsibility to be added to your job description.  Dialog on what you want to do with your supervisor.

Support the whole as you pursue your individuality.  The people who deserve new opportunities are those who have proven they have the big picture health of the organization in mind.

Mancini wishes he had more to advise on this subject.

Courage to Go

To progress in your clarity spiral, you often have to give up the good things you have going for you.  You have to cut things to go for something new.

A ship is safe in harbor but that’s not what a ship is made for.

Determine your ideal context for doing what you know you’re called to do – entrepreneurial, small, medium, large, etc…

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