Jo Saxton on Equipping Multiplication

3dm has seen 5000 missional communities and 750 church plants in the last 3 years.

They learned that Discipleship is most important.   If you make disciples you will always get the church.  Ask yourself 1) What is my plan for discipleship? and 2) Is it working?  According to Saxton, we do not have a leadership or missional problem, it’s a discipleship problem.

Jesus’ discipleship approach involved information, imitation, and innovation.  Know what this is about, observe and practice what this is about,

Does our plan of discipleship include imitation?  Do they get to observe and practice what another Christ follower is doing?  3dm creates huddles in which they ask each other, “What is God doing?” and “What are you going to do about it?” 

Jesus was Innovative.  He turned social, moral, political, and religious systems upside down.  If you disciple people, it can’t help but reach innovative world change.


One response to “Jo Saxton on Equipping Multiplication

  1. hey brian.
    great to see you yesterday. sorry i didn’t get your messages earlier in the week. would hve been good to have lunch. it was a great confdrence. hope you are inspired and i pray God will use you in great ways in coming weeks. if you are ever heading to the twin cities let me know! and lets stay in touch.

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