Matt Carter on Implementation

Ephesians 4 says that the church body will grow when each part of the body functions properly.

Attractional church structures aren’t done for, but they are not complete in and of themselves.  1,200 mega churches have started in America in the last 10 years, yet we’ve seen total church attendance decline over this time period.

There’s a growing sense of restlessness in churches today.  The 18-30 year old generation is not content attending; they thrive off challenge, serving, and using their gifts.  People are starting to wonder out loud, “When do I get to fight?  When do I get to play a meaningful part?”

At Austin Stone, Carter faced the budget, staffing, and facility question of what it would take to reach another 3,000 people.  He then flipped the question to what it would take to send 3,000 people out to reach the local community.  Which would have the most impact?  Could you do both?


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