Michael Frost Defining Missional

Missional is anchored in the reign of God through Jesus.  You don’t extend the kingdom reign of Jesus – he already reigns over all.  Missional is about helping people come to fuller embrace of that reign.  1) Announce the reign (explaining, exhorting, questioning).  2) Demonstrate the reign (initiating justice, mercy, etc… creating a movie trailer for which people seek more of the kingdom).

Mission is a theological prism for seeing all of church life, it’s not an increase of outreach efforts. 

Church needs four things.  Mission, Worship, Discipleship, Community.  You end up picking one of the four to drive the rest.  Present church structures suggest that worship is the primary driver.  Frost suggests we find a way to make mission the driver.  We’ll worship, disciple, and do community in a fuller way if we use mission as the first and foremost driver.  We do the rest from a standstill if we don’t have mission as the initial momentum creator. 

Missional churches fight about whom they’re not reaching and not having enough resources to enter another mission.  Worship centered churches fight for the style in which they can worship best.


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