Coaching Questions or Accountability Questions?

When you get together with another person for the purpose of growing each other, is it better to ask coaching questions or accountability questions?

The basic difference is this: coaching questions help you figure out what your supposed to do at this time, accountability questions make sure you did what you were supposed to do last time.

Examples of coaching questions: What is God telling you to work on?  What’s your biggest challenge right now?  What one thing could you work on that would make the biggest difference in your life?

Examples of accountability questions:  Were you sure to leave your work at the office and not let it intrude on family time last week?  How did you sin against God or people last week?  Did you make time for prayer like you wanted to?

I personally lean heavy on the coaching on the front end, and gently use accountability on the back end.  It feels a little more forward thinking than backward, with a healthy does of follow through.  Besides, people that offer straight accountability kind of feel like bullies kicking you in the shins repeatedly.

Am I off on this?  Would it be more effective to come up with your list of do’s and don’ts for life, and then invite others to hold you accountable?


One response to “Coaching Questions or Accountability Questions?

  1. No, you can not assume ownership of my ‘to do list.’ I am the only one who can implement the tasks hopefully following God’s lead and direction.

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