Nine Characteristics of Out of the Box Churches

Dave Ferguson, co-author of On the Verge, does a chapter on “Nine Characteristics of Out of the Box Churches.”

  1. Beta, Not Better.  Apple runs millions of internal tests to make sure it’s 100% perfect before releasing.  Google releases a beta version, and revises according to response.  Be a google church.
  2. Trusting and Trustworthy.
  3. Permission is Assumed, Forgiveness is Expected.  This is an environment where people creatively go with their gut.
  4. Hurry Up… Wait.  Verge churches collaborate at break neck speed to get the job done, but also follow a rhythm of solitude and reflection.
  5. Fail Forward Fast.  An ethos that celebrates failure gives a back door out after risk taking.  If you punish failure, you create cautiousness and status quo.
  6. Love the Edge.
  7. Put your money where your mouth is.  Everybody talk values, verge churches resource them.
  8. Everyone gets to Play.  Innovation isn’t a professionals-only thing.
  9. No R&D Departments.  Pilot efforts are fine, but verge work has to be whole church work in time.

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